Wine Bottles

Broadland Wineries is set to launch a sister company dedicated solely to low and non-alcoholic drinks, The Grocer has learned.

It will be called The Live Kindly Drinks Company, and would focus on “non-wine products with a socially conscious ethos”, said Broadland CEO Mark Lansley, confirming the move.

No products have yet been developed, but Lansley said the company had invested in “a fair bit of research” and that “projects that involve partners” were possible. One full-time employee at Broadland Wineries has been assigned to the project so far.

“We’re doing well in the wine business but we have a lot of skills in different production methods,” said Lansley. “We do fermentation already, and bottling, and we’re looking at other types of production we could get into.”

It comes as Lansley last year announced Broadland would seek to diversify its business away from ‘British’ made-wines thanks to a change in the way duty is collected on diluted alcoholic drinks.

It had already “created a strong business structure, deliberately maintaining a conservative capex programme and scaleable overheads”, he said in November, such as moving to third party warehousing and freight.

Regardless, the business was on track to exceed £70m in sales for the year ending March 2019, he said.