Bubbleology bubble tea kits

Source: Bubbleology

Four SKUs will roll into Asda this month

High street bubble tea chain Bubbleology has partnered with Aimia Foods to launch a range of bubble tea kits into grocery.

The four-strong lineup comprises a duo of single-serve SKUs (rsp: £2.29) – Taro Milk and Passionfruit – and two Mixology Kits (rsp: £8.50) – Milk Tea and Fruit Tea – which each contain the components for four drinks.

The Milk Tea kit makes two Taro Milk drinks and two Brown Sugar Milk drinks, while Fruit Tea makes two Passionfruit bubble teas and two Raspberry ones.

Every pack features flavour sachets and tapioca pearls – or ‘bubbles’–which can be mixed together along with milk or water.

They also include a jumbo straw – wide enough for the pearls to pass through – for each serving.

The range will roll into Asda on 13 June. 

It would meet the “rapidly growing appetite” for bubble tea in the UK, said Aimia Foods innovation marketing manager Laura Mallon. The SKUs offered “unique appeal” and “novelty”, she added.

Bubbleology CEO Assad Khan said a move into grocery was the “natural next step” for the brand.

“By giving consumers the opportunity to create bubble teas at home it extends reach with our fans, building awareness and loyalty.”