Source: Top Beverages

Top Beverages co-founder Nicholas Pullen: “My vision is to become a global CBD drinks brand”

CBD spirits startup Top Beverages has launched a massive range of CBD-infused spirits – and plans to create RTDs. 

The startup, which debuted with a duo of gin and spiced rum in July in 100ml bottles, has created a “complete CBD spirits solution”, comprised of nine drinks – Gin, Vodka, Rum, Bloody Mary Gin, Masala Vodka, Spiced Rum, ‘Super’ Gin, Citrus Vodka and Mocha Rum.

The spirits – which are distilled in partnership with Scottish contract distiller Distillutions – are all bottled at cask strength (54.5% abv) and contain 50mg of CBD per 50cl bottles (rsp: £49.95).

The brand had “scaled up and reduced the price” since its summer debut, said co-founder Nicholas Pullen. “The spirits are just fantastic, innovative, with no sugars, no essences, no artificiality,” he said.

“We disclose all the ingredients we use, we’re not trying to play on stoner tropes, and we’re actually giving you a really robust amount of CBD – there are some companies I’ve seen whose amounts are like a pinch of salt.”

The brand was “in talks with several wholesalers”, he said. “But one of the things we want to be able to do is consistently deliver our product direct to consumers. We’re very keen on collaborating with retailers but they have to be the right retailers – they have to be comfortable with CBD as a general product.” 

Pullen also revealed plans to extend the business into RTDs, which would be launched under a different brand.

“The recipes are in progress right now. They will be about 100 calories, with no added sugars and targeted a bit more conventionally mass market,” he said. “We also want to do a non-alcoholic range within these cans. The first range will probably be three alcoholic and one non-alcoholic.”

Top Beverages had considered developing a whisky, he said, but “we would have to find the right collaborator and I think we might have certain issues by adding CBD – we would never want to run afoul of one of the finest spirits”. 

Long term, he said: “My vision for this company is to become a global CBD drinks brand. We’re not playing games.”