DOVE range

Source: Unilever

Personal care powerhouse Dove has unveiled Advanced Care, hailed as the brand’s “best bodywash range to date”.

The 20-strong lineup comprises 10 variants including Gentle Scrub, Pampering, Hypoallergenic and Hydrating. All are available in 225ml (rsp: £3) and 400ml (rsp: £4.50) bottles made from100% recycled plastic.

The result of more than nine years’ R&D, Advanced Care “was developed following extensive qualitative research”, said Dove. It identified “two distinct occasion-based needs within the care segment: gentle care seekers and enhanced moisturisation seekers”.

The new range features Dove’s proprietary MicroMoisture technology, which promises “24-hour lotion-soft skin” by renewing the skin’s moisture from within. The bodywash worked “with the skin’s natural renewal processes to regenerate the skin’s moisture long-term, rather than just providing a temporary hit of hydration”, the brand said.

Advanced Care also contained directly esterified fatty isethionate, a lipid-enriched tech that offered “a gentle yet thorough cleanse, while being as mild to the skin as water”.

The lineup will be supported by a campaign worth over £10m, running from May to September. It will include a TV advert, social media, OOH and in-store activations.

“This launch will completely transform our Dove bodywash portfolio, meaning the market-leading brand is only going to get better,” said Charlotte Alexander, Dove skin cleansing brand manager at owner Unilever. Advanced Care was “backed by nearly a decade of work from our research and development team, with the MicroMoisture technology providing rich nourishment for 24 hours. This premium innovation will give shoppers more choice in store.”

Unilever was “working closely with our retailer partners so that we can amplify this exciting launch, as well as ensure consumers understand the benefits of investing more in their bodywash”, she added.

Dove has also launched an upgraded version of its Classic Care bodywash range across Hydrate, Velvet Glow, Fruity Nourish and Gentle Pamper. It had “been given a fresh look and feel, and an updated formula”, Alexander said.

Like Advanced Care, Classic Care boasts a 92% biodegradable formula.