Dr Organic Skin Clear 5 in 1

Dr Organic, the body and skincare brand, is to roll out new seven-strong facial range aimed at troublesome skin.

Debuting in Holland & Barrett on 20 April, the Skin Clear 5 in 1 collection is designed to increase the rate of skin cell renewal, soothe areas of redness and reduce the size of pores.

Natural AHAs (fruit acids) and salicylic acid are among the key ingredients used in the selection, which comprises Deep Pore Charcoal Mask, Oil Control Moisturiser, Exfoliating Scrub, Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash and Purifying Toner (rsp: £6.99) as well as Treatment Gel (rsp: £5.99). Spot Treatment Pack made up of the face wash, gel and moisturiser is avaiable with an rsp of £19.99.

Of 95 participants who took part in independent user trials over a four-week period, 75% said their skin felt and looked clearer, while 69% said their spots were visibly reduced, Dr Organic claimed.

“We wanted to bring to market a regime that helps consumers who suffer with problem skin, while utilising our finest natural and naturally derived raw materials to work in synergy to provide naturally effective and rapid treatment for common skincare concerns,” said Michael Lightowlers, the brand’s group marketing director.

“We combine these with materials such as preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants approved for use under current organic cosmetic standards so each is product is truly functional by design.”