Girl Gone Wild ready meal

Source: Girl Gone Wild

The ready meals have rolled into the brand’s webstore (rsp: £9.50/510g-600g)

A frozen ready meal brand whose products contain venison and pheasant has launched in the UK.

Called Girl Gone Wild, the brand has debuted with a quintet of serves-two meals. They are: Wild Venison Sausages with Onion & Pancetta Gravy, Wild Venison Chilli & Fennel Meatballs with Puttanesca Sauce, Wild Venison Bolognese, Pheasant Keralan Curry and Pheasant with Creamy Tarragon Sauce.

They have rolled into the brand’s webstore (rsp: £9.50/510g-600g). 

The meals are targeted towards “time-squeezed” shoppers who are mindful of “health and wellness”, as well as being “gastronomically curious”.

Girl Gone Wild founder Mel Phipps said it was her mission to “redress some widely held misconceptions” about venison and pheasant. 

“Once the idea for Girl Gone Wild took root, it was impossible to ignore,” she told The Grocer.

“For me, like many, understanding the provenance of meat and fish is really important, so there is also the feel-good factor of knowing these animals are raised on the UK’s natural larder and are free-to-roam.

”In short, it seemed crazy that these meats are being overlooked by so many and that supply and demand is vastly out of kilter.”

The versatility of pheasant and venison meant they could be substituted into traditional chicken or beef recipes easily, Phipps added. 

“We’ve focused on British classic recipes done really well – quality, fresh, flavours that are widely comforting to all palates.”

Girl Gone Wild has also pledged to donate 10% of its profits annually to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.