Source: Ginsters

Each empanada contains 99 calories

Ginsters is hoping to shake up the savoury snacks aisle with a move into Spanish-style empanadas.

It has created a duo of pastries – BBQ Pulled Pork and Chicken Tikka – which will roll out into the mults from 20 July in two and three-packs (rsp: £1.50-£2).

The former blends British pulled pork in a BBQ sauce with chipotle chillies, while the latter is made with British chicken “in a creamy tikka sauce with mango chutney and chopped coriander”.

The snacks capitalised “on trend-setting flavours which are popular with UK consumers to appeal to pre-family shoppers”, said Ginsters, with each empanada containing 99 calories. 

“Snacking is changing,” said Ginsters MD Kieran Hemsworth. “Consumers expect more choice and better quality; they are increasingly mindful about everything from the ingredients used to health considerations.”

Its the latest in a series of outré launches from the Ginsters brand. Last month, for instance, it rolled out a duo of posh deep-fill pork rolls it said would provide “a deli-style twist on a British classic”.