HECK Steak & Butter Burger

Source: Heck

The Steak & Butter Burgers use British steak mince and a chunk of butter

Heck has expanded its range with new sausage lines and a debut beef burger launch into retail in time for the barbecue season.

The brand’s “indulgent” Steak & Butter Burger (rsp: £4/320gx2) uses British steak mince and a chunk of butter, combined with homemade seasoning formulated by Roddy Keeble, the brand’s operations manager and son of co-founders Andrew and Debbie Keeble. The NPD represents the brand’s first major move into beef burgers to be sold via retail.

Heck’s Smoky Dogs, meanwhile, are made with 85% British pork and are the brand’s take on the traditional frankfurter, boasting a smoky flavour for use as hot dogs. The two products will be stocked in Tesco stores nationwide from 4 April.

“We are expecting a bumper barbecue season this year, staring early with a late Easter,” said Heck co-founder Jamie Keeble.

“The burger market is a huge opportunity for us, and we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting it, so we can really deliver on taste as well as offering up lots of choice across the range for entertaining with the Smoky Dogs.”

It comes as the brand has also announced plans to extend its carbon labelling scheme, first launched in December, across its range over the next six months. Heck has worked with sustainability organisation Climate Cloud to launch the scheme, which would “give our customers complete transparency when it comes to eating for the environment”, Keeble added. 

“By extending the labelling across the range, we’ll be able to continue to help those buying our products to make a more informed choice at supermarket shelves, and perhaps mix and match their meals, swapping out pork for a pack of chicken or vegan option,” said Keeble.