heck twinpack

Source: Heck

The SKU has been developed in response to ‘increasingly diverse meal occasions for sausages in the home’

Heck is aiming to capitalise on changing tastes in sausages by launching what it is claiming is unique in the mults – a chicken and pork sausage twin-pack.

The Yorkshire-based supplier has secured a listing in Asda for the product, which contains 400g of its Chicken Italia line and 400g of its standard pork sausages, until the end of August (rsp: £4). Heck said it was also in discussions with the retailer about making the new line, which contains a total of 12 sausages, permanent.

The SKU, which went on sale last week, had been developed in response to increasingly diverse meal occasions for sausages in the home, and on the back of the soaring popularity of the Chicken Italia line, first launched in 2013, said co-founder Jamie Keeble.

“We now make more than 250,000 chicken sausages each day, which is the same amount as our pork sausages,” he added.

“We know some households are split down the middle when it come to the favourite. Some people prefer a high-meat content pork sausage and some people prefer a leaner, lighter chicken, particularly for the fitness and slimming communities.”