Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’

Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’

Heston Blumenthal is celebrating Christmas by serving up a giant ‘sprout’ filled with profiteroles.

Available at Waitrose from 13 December, the Heston from Waitrose Melting Chocolate ‘Sprout’ has a green chocolate dome shell made from spirulina-dyed white chocolate. It comes with a salted caramel sauce, which is meant to be warmed and drizzled over the dome, causing it to melt and reveal 18 green profiteroles filled with a lime-flavoured crème patissiere (£16/619g).

The final visual effect of the dessert was of “a pile of sprouts doused in gravy but with no actual sprouts or gravy used in the recipe” said Waitrose.

Dishes “that look like something they’re not” were the ones that drew the biggest response from diners, said Blumenthal. “What can be more fun at Christmas than playing with your guests’ minds and taste buds with a dessert that will leave everyone talking?”

The celebrity chef has also launched two other festive products for Waitrose: Citrus Sherbert Lazy Gin and Black Forest Panettone topped with dark chocolate and kirsch-soaked cherries.