Source: Higgidy

Higgidy has unveiled a Garden Greens & Ricotta Quiche made with sweet potato and carrot pastry

Higgidy has unveiled a raft of vegan and veggie NPD.

The upmarket pastry brand has added two vegetarian quiches utilising the brand’s recently unveiled veg-packed pastry – Mediterranean Pepper & Feta Quiche with sweet potato and carrot pastry, and Garden Greens & Ricotta Quiche with sweet potato and carrot pastry. It has also launched a vegan Petit Pois & Courgette Mini Quiche with a hint of mint & chilli, and a limited-run ‘Special Guest’ Petit Pois & Whipped Feta Quiche (rsp: £2.60-£4.40).

The new quiches were “brimming with vibrant veggies, creamy fillings and innovative toppings”, said the brand, and were “perfect for a simple yet super-tasty supper or dressed up with your favourite salads and sides for a weekend lunch around the table with friends and family”. 

It has entirely replaced its 2021-launched slices range, which featured chicken and ham, with a trio of new vegetarian slices: Mature Cheddar & Onion, Spinach, Feta & Red Pepper, and Sweet Potato Katsu Curry. They will roll out from 25 April (rsp: £2.40).

Finally, it has added a Roasted Chickpea Masala Pie, which will hit stores from 6 April (£4).

The launches mark part of a concerted effort by Higgidy to bring vegetables and plant-based options “to the forefront” of its offer. ”Our existing veggie and vegan lines are proving really popular and we wanted to expand on this, using our expertise at creating glorious everyday food to create even more delicious flavour options for our consumers,” said CEO Rachel Kelley.

Seventy per cent of the brand’s range is currently vegetarian. It plans to have upped this to 75% by the end of the year.

The news comes as Higgidy earlier this year kicked off a £10m investment into expanding and developing its Shoreham base in hopes of doubling its revenue by 2027. The investment includes the installation of new production equipment, the expansion of the site and an upgrade of its office spaces.