Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Eggs

Source: Mummy Meagz

The product will ‘rival the taste of any dairy-based creme egg’, says the brand

A vegan version of the classic creme egg is coming to high streets for the first time, after being listed in Holland & Barrett.

The Chuckie Egg, from vegan confectioner Mummy Meagz, was created six years ago by founder Meagan Boyle, who began selling them at her Blondes coffee shop in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. The product then went on sale on the brand’s website following a spike in demand.

“The eggs have grown a huge following simply from being sold in my shop”, said Boyle. “I know they’ll become the next big vegan craze for Easter.”

The handmade dark chocolate eggs will be available in Holland & Barrett stores nationwide from 22 January (rsp: 99p/40g).