Coco Pops Chocos

Source: Kellogg’s

Chocos has rolled into Sainsbury’s and Iceland (rsp: £3.29/430g).

Kellogg’s has expanded its non-HFSS breakfast cereal lineup with Coco Pops Chocos.

It comprises curved, crunchy shells with “the same chocolatey taste” as original Coco Pops (which are also non-HFSS). Each 30g serving provides 6.6g of sugar and 0.3g of satfat.

The NPD has rolled into Sainsbury’s and Iceland, with other grocery listings to follow (rsp: £3.29/430g).

“Coco Pops is our number one selling kids’ cereal brand. So, it’s exciting to be continuing to innovate with the range,” said Kellogg’s UK&I senior activation brand manager Rui Frias.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure Coco Pops Chocos brings something different to the breakfast table, while keeping the rich chocolate and caramel notes that are characteristic to the brand.”

Chocos, which follows Coco Pops’ limited-edition Hazelnut Choc variant added last year, is not the first spin-off of the brand’s core cereal.

Predecessors include Rocks and Granola. The latter vanished from shelves in 2018, around the time the ASA banned a TV ad for the cereal for breaching HFSS rules. However, the watchdog reversed its decision three months later.

Kellogg’s last month unveiled its first flavour extension for Crunchy Nut since its 1980 launch: a Salted Caramel variant, which is set to hit shelves in March 2023.