Lucozade Blue

The Grocer’s mock-up of what a ‘blue’ flavoured Lucozade Sport variant could look like

Lucozade appears to be gearing up to launch one or more ‘blue’ flavoured drinks in the UK.

The brand has applied to trademark the names ‘Lucozade Energy Blue Burst’, ‘Lucozade Alert Blue Rush’ and ‘Lucozade Sport Blue Force’ with the Intellectual Property Office.

The marks cover non-alcoholic drinks categories including soft drinks, energy drinks, isotonic drinks and sports drinks.

Lucozade has also applied to trademark the phrase ‘Blucozade’ under the same class.

“We are constantly innovating; reviewing our brands and registering trademarks to protect them as we start on exciting, potential projects,” a spokesperson for Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I said. “This is just one of a number of routes under consideration.”

A move into blue would put the brand into direct competition with products including Powerade Ion4 Berry and Tropical, Gatorade Cool Blue and Prime Blue Raspberry.

Lucozade’s current stable includes Original, Orange, Caribbean Crush, Wild Cherry, Mango & Passionfruit, Apple & Raspberry, Cherry Burst and Tropical Blast variants across its Energy, Sport and Alert ranges.

It comes after Lucozade revamped Original and Orange earlier this year.

That move was aimed at giving its most popular variants a “more zingy” taste. It was the first time the brand had reformulated since cutting 50% of the sugar from the duo in 2017.

Shoppers were highly critical of the updated taste, leading the brand to lose the title of Britain’s biggest energy drink. Lucozade Energy saw value dive 18.6% to £273.6m in the year following the sugar reduction [Circana 52 w/e 3 March 2018].

It has since recovered, growing value 9.9% last year to £316.9m [NIQ 52 w/e 31 December 2022].