Lynx Jungle Fresh - Landscape Range KV

Source: Unilever

Jungle Fresh will be supported by a £2m campaign from July to September

Lynx has grown its core toiletries lineup with Jungle Fresh, available across body spray, antiperspirant, stick and shower gel.

The new fragrance tapped “current trends for herbal and botanical influences, with woody and earthy notes intertwining with bursts of lavender and citrus”, said Lynx owner Unilever. It had “been developed to meet gen Z’s leading fragrance preferences, with the demographic preferring scents described as ‘clean’ and ‘refreshing’.

Jungle Fresh’s aim was to “recruit new consumers to the brand and category”, the supplier added. It was “available across multiple formats to appeal to a wider range of shoppers and drive trial”.

The body spray offers 48 hours’ “high definition fragrance”, while the antiperspirant promises 72 hours’ protection from sweat and the shower gel is “extra fresh”.

Their debut this month will be supported by a £2m campaign from July to September.

“Innovation is fundamental when it comes to recruiting shoppers into the deodorant and shower gel categories,” said Monique Rossi, Unilever GM for deodorants. “As the number one male toiletries brand, Lynx is in a strong position to work with world-leading experts to develop on-trend fragrances that we know gen z will love – and, as a result, we play a critical role in driving category growth.

Within the first year of Lynx’s last core launch, 2022’s Epic Fresh, “many new deodorant and shower gel shoppers were attracted to the proposition, driving category value”, she added. Jungle Fresh aimed “to build on this success and has a clear place in the current market by tapping into the demand for clean and refreshing scent profiles”.

It comes after Lynx last month unveiled Fine Fragrance Collection, a range of body sprays meant to bring “premium affordability to the body spray space”.

Backed by a £15m push, the five-strong lineup comprises Black Vanilla, Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage and Copper Santal – all with a “72-hour fresh” promise.