Mary Berry's condiments 2017

The Mary Berry’s brand from RH Amar has expanded its repertoire from premium salad dressings and chutneys to its first condiments.

A trio is set to make its debut this week in Tesco, with Redcurrant & Mint, Horseradish and Hollandaise (rsp: £1.69/160g-227g) aimed at “driving value back into the condiments fixture”.

The launch follows the brand’s second annual ‘Mary Berry’s Home of Good Taste Tour’, visiting food festivals throughout the UK where the new products made their debut.

They “tested particularly well with our core target audiences of empty nesters” said Anne-Marie Cannon, brand manager for Mary Berry’s at RH Amar.

“We are confident we have a great opportunity to once again replicate Mary Berry’s success in another key category, helping retailers to drive value to the condiments fixture and bringing our unique brand values and personality to a fixture that can often feel cold and uninspiring,” Cannon added.

In April, Mary Berry’s unveiled fruit-based dressings created to tap consumer demand for sharper and spicier flavours and attract younger shoppers, as the 23-year-old brand experienced 15% growth in value sales to £2.68m [IRI 52 w/e 25 March 2017].