Source: Mindful Snacker

It is understood Mindful Snacker is in talks with major retailers to list the crisps

Healthy snacking startup Mindful Snacker has debuted with an eight strong range of non-HFSS crisps – and unveiled plans for a large plant-based range to come.

Called Simply Roasted, the range is made with a proprietary process using three different ovens to remove moisture from Amarillo potatoes before seasoning and bagging.

The crisps contain 0.58g salt per 100g and are said to contain 50% less fat than rival brands thanks to their production process – meaning unlike many suppliers they will be immune to the government’s impending restrictions on HFSS advertising and promotions.

The brand is the brainchild of VC firm Pilot Lite, which acquired the £20m kit required to produce the crisps, and enlisted marketing and product strategy veteran Tara Quick to lead it as a standalone business.

The range itself comprises Sea Salt, Mature Cheddar & Onion, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Black Truffle, Korean BBQ, Katsu Curry, and Thai Green Curry flavours, as well as a ‘Naked’ SKU designed to show off “the fact that Simply Roasted uses real, 100% premium potatoes”.

It is understood Mindful Snacker is in talks with major retailers to list the crisps.

Quick said the brand wanted to “take away the angst you feel when you snack.

“For people who want to eat healthier we will become the obvious choice.”

Mindful Snacker also plans to go beyond crisps later this year with a range of vegan sauces, dips and cheeses called The Simple Root, which would include SKUs such as a no-nut satay and a carbonara sauce with pea protein in place of bacon.

The startup is the latest supplier anticipating major changes in the snacks category with the coming crackdown on HFSS products: Eat Real, for instance, is giving its range an overhaul in a bid to become ‘fully non-HFSS’.