muscle food curry kits

Online retailer Muscle Food has launched new curry kits described as ‘low in fat, high in protein and possible to prepare in under 10 minutes’.

The Easy Cook Curry Kits range consists of Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Balti, Thai Beef Massaman and Chinese Style Chicken options, each said to contain less than 300 calories, 3% fat and 5% sugar. Each contains between 39g and 44g of protein according to Muscle Food.

The kits are designed to be prepared in a single pan in eight to 10 minutes, with a price per serving ranging from £2.90 to £3.25 depending on the quantity ordered.

Muscle Food sells meal kits as well as a wider range of sports nutrition and food and drink products targeted primarily at fitness-conscious shoppers

The product launch comes after the company, valued at £50 million, announced a £10 million investment from BGF (Business Growth Fund) to ‘continue to grow its core UK offering and support its European expansion’.

“We’re delighted to have launched these four curry kits which have joined our Easy Cook range,” said Muscle Food founder and director Darren Beale.

“They’ve been developed especially for people looking to enjoy their favourite takeaway favourites without loading up on unwanted calories - something that is usually unavoidable with shop-bought curries and Indian takeaways.”