Source: Nomadic Dairy

Yogurt+ comprises five flavours in four formats

Nomadic Dairy is targeting immunity-conscious shoppers with Yogurt+, a range of yoghurts and yoghurt drinks fortified with 100% of an adult’s daily vitamin D.

Made at Nomadic’s site in County Donegal, Yogurt+ comprises five flavours – Blueberry, Vanilla, Mango, Natural and Strawberry –  in four formats: a big pot yoghurt (rsp: £2/350g); smaller, 140g yoghurt pots (rsp: £1.40); a 750ml range of yoghurt drinks (rsp: £2.50) and smaller, 250ml bottles (rsp: £1.40).

Yogurt+ was designed to support immunity by countering people’s “D-deficit”, said Nomadic. There was a “shortfall of vitamin D in most Britons’ diets” it added.

Sunlight is a major provider of vitamin D, which keeps teeth, bones and muscles healthy. However, with outdoor activity limited during autumn, winter and lockdowns due to coronavirus, the NHS strongly advises adults to supplement their diet with 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day.

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Yogurt+ provides the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, as well as high protein and 14 gut-friendly cultures.

During development, Nomadic worked with behavioural scientists at Ogilvy Consulting to ensure the range’s messaging was “clear and transparent”, the Irish dairy said. Packs feature ‘power ratings’ to highlight the contents’ core benefits whiile avoiding “over-claims, especially given media commentary alleging the immune system can be boosted”.

While Yogurt+ would not boost the immune system, it would “meaningfully support it, especially as regards vitamin D deficiency” said Nomadic brand manager Bethan Miles. “Even before Covid-19, people were focusing in on immunity, so this is clearly a trend that’s got huge value and volume growth potential for the category.”

Last year, the yoghurts & potted desserts market saw a 0.4% rise in value to £1,952.4m on a 1% dip in volume sales [Nielsen 52 w/e 5 September 2020] as drinking yoghurts grew value by 6.8% to £241.2m on volumes up by 6.1%.