Snack A Jacks paper outer

Source: PepsiCo

The new packaging will roll out in May

PepsiCo is to introduce a paper outer for its Snack a Jacks multipacks.

From May, its Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chive and BBQ variants will move to the new packaging.

The new outer bag can be recycled at kerbside and is set to lower the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each pack by 52%, according to PepsiCo.

Its introduction would reduce the use of virgin plastic by 65 tonnes per year, it added.

The move follows the introduction of a paper outer for Walkers Baked in 2023.

“Our outer paper multibag packs are working well on Walkers Baked, giving us the confidence to roll out this format across more of our snacks brands,” said PepsiCo UK packaging sustainability lead Gareth Callan.

Snack a Jacks marketing manager Hannah Freeman said: “We hope our devoted fans of Snack a Jacks will enjoy this small but important change we’ve made to make their snacking experience even more enjoyable at home.”

The move forms part of PepsiCo Positive, a health and sustainability transformation plan which includes an ambition for the company to reach net zero by 2040.

PepsiCo Europe also plans to eliminate fossil-based plastic in crisp and snack bags by 2030.

It comes after PepsiCo trialled ‘bagless’ multipack packaging for Snack a Jacks through a partnership with Tesco last year. 

The trial saw five individual packs held together with a “tape-like strip”, which saw the amount of outer plastic packaging used reduce by 86%.

This latest move follows the unveiling of a category “first” paper crisps packet by British Snack Co at the end of March.

As reported by The Grocer, the paper packs are lined with a microscopic layer of aluminium and a water soluble material, called hydropol, and can be recycled at kerbside.