Ceders pink rose spirit

Source: Pernod ricard

It is billed as tapping the trend for pink drinks

Pernod Ricard has expanded its Ceder’s lineup of non-alcoholic spirits with a new flavour.

Ceder’s Pink Rose, which is rolling out at Sainsbury’s and Tesco next week (rsp: £19.99/50cl), is flavoured with juniper, rose and hibiscus.

Pernod Ricard said the NPD provided a “sophisticated offering with a gentle pink colour, tapping into the growing trends of flavoured and pink drinks”.

The spirits giant’s business development director Ian Peart said Ceder’s Pink Rose would not only “excite existing consumers” but would offer “a huge opportunity” to recruit young adult shoppers into the low & no category, which he said needed “more accessible flavours”.

Pink Rose marks the first new launch for the Ceder’s brand since it debuted in June 2018 with three flavours: Classic, Wild and Crisp.

The business was founded by couple Craig Hutchison and Maria Sehlstrom, who partnered with Pernod Ricard to bring it to market.

The drinks are made with botanicals sourced from the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa.

William Reed – the publisher of The Grocer – has launched a new exhibition exclusively for the low & no category. For more information, visit low2nobev.com.