Petit Filous apricot variant

Source: Yoplait

The new yoghurt is available now in Morrisons

Petits Filous has extended its nascent plant-based yoghurt range with an apricot variant, available now in Morrisons.

Made with an almond milk base and fortified with calcium and vitamin D, it was aimed at tapping the 14% increase in dairy-free yoghurt sales in the past two years, Petits Filous said. 

“After a successful debut for our Petits Filous Dairy Free range with Raspberry last year, we’re now launching Petits Filous Dairy Free Apricot to keep up the fantastic momentum,” said Lindsay Hill, head of marketing at brand owner Yoplait UK. “Our new addition has the same delightful apricot taste matching our core range.”

One fifth of Brits had “milk allergies or are lactose intolerant, and a quarter choose not to consume dairy through personal choice” she added. ”Our Dairy Free range ensures every one of our customers gets to experience the goodness and delicious taste of a yoghurt snack.”

The launch would be supported by digital activity and shopper activations to promote Petits Filous Dairy Free as the “go-to dairy free snack to help kids grow strong and healthy” Hill said.

Petits Filous Dairy Free will be available in other grocers later this year.