Holy Moly Pesto

Source: Holy Moly

The NPD will roll into Waitrose on 18 January (rsp: £2.75/150g)

Plant-based dip brand Holy Moly is moving into houmous with a two-strong range.

Original and Pesto (rsp: £2.75/150g) will roll into Waitrose on 18 January. In line with the rest of the brand’s portfolio, they are 100% plant-based and gluten-free and use fully recyclable packaging.

The products have triple the average fridge life when compared with regular shop-bought houmous, claimed Holy Moly. This was because of special HPP cold-pressure technology used in production.

“Many supermarket houmous options contain artificial preservatives or suffer from very short shelf life, often leading to waste,” said Holy Moly co-founder Tom Walker.

“We’re the first dip brand in the UK to use HPP cold-pressure technology to naturally preserve our houmous, which means we can maintain original flavours, vitamins and nutrients for several weeks  giving a fridge-life extension of up to three times current shop-bought houmous without the need for anything artificial.

The launch was “the biggest innovation in the houmous category for years and a real game-changer”, he added. “Taking our brand into houmous is a natural step and this is one of our biggest category opportunities to date.”

The move is the latest from Holy Moly to extend beyond its guacamole heartlands. In January 2022, for instance, it expanded into ‘creamy’ dips with vegan aioli and tzatziki.