Pleese Freezecakes

Source: Pleese

The desserts will roll into The Co-op and Waitrose over the coming weeks (rsp: £5/350g)

DTC desserts brand Pleese is launching a trio of frozen cheesecake tubs into retail.

They are: Lemon & Raspberry, Butterscotch & Caramel and Double Chocolate (rsp: £5/350g).

The desserts, which are “not ice cream” comprise “at least 35% cream cheese”, mixed with biscuit pieces and flavoured sauces

Lemon & Raspberry and Butterscotch & Caramel will roll into 675 Co-op stores on 20 March. All three variants will hit freezers in 200 Waitrose stores on 17 April.

The first iterations of the dessert launched DTC, via the brand’s website, in July 2020. Over the past three years, however, Pleese had “further developed and finessed” them and teamed up with frozen dessert supplier Icefresh Foods to support a mainstream retail rollout.

Speaking to The Grocer, Pleese founder Joe Moruzzi confirmed additional plant-based, reduced sugar and functional variants were already in development, with further retail listings planned for the coming months.

“We’re so proud to finally see Freezecakes on the shelves in two of the UK’s leading supermarkets,” he said.

“This unique product brings the humble cheesecake into the 21st century by disrupting the dessert category.

“We help everyone share spectacular experiences and are confident that Freezecakes will be loved in homes across the country – serving up an instant cheesecake hit any time of day,” Moruzzi added.