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Source: Redefine Meat

This is the first time a plant-based flank steak will be available for consumers to buy and cook at home, after previously being reserved for restaurants

Redefine Meat has launched its plant-based alternative to flank steak into Ocado.

The Redefine Flank (rsp: £8/2x100g) joins the rest of the Redefine Meat range of vegan meat alternatives at the Online retailer, including its take on Pulled Pork and Pulled Beef, Bratwurst, a Lamb Kofta Mix, a Premium Burger and Beef Mince.

The brand said the new listing marked the first time a plant-based alternative to flank steak would be available for consumers to buy and cook at home, after the SKU had previously been reserved only for restaurants.

The wheat and soy protein-based product is designed to mimic the texture, taste and mouthfeel of beef steak, contains 25g of protein and is made entirely from plant-based, non-GMO ingredients and natural flavours.

Sold frozen and made in the Netherlands, the steak was meaty, fibrous and “rich in flavour”, which the brand said made it the “perfect meat alternative without compromising on the pleasure of eating a steak”. It is suited for grilling, oven cooking, pan frying or air frying.

“The Redefine Flank has been endorsed by leading high-end chefs, meat experts and butchers for its superior taste and texture comparable to high-quality animal meat,” the brand said.

“With a growing demand for sustainable and ethical choices to traditional meat products, the steak expands versatility for the premium plant-based category even further by adding to Redefine Meat’s existing retail range of pulled meats and minced-based products.”