Source: Ritter Sport

Sloth character Don Choco is pictured on the packs

Ritter Sport has launched a new sustainable dark milk chocolate.

Called Don Choco, the limited-edition bar is made with sustainable cocoa from Ritter’s plantation in El Cacao, Nicaragua.

The packs are adorned with a “loveable” Don Choco sloth character, which was modelled on a sloth native to the plantation. The back of the pack tells ”the story of the work at the plantation and helps educate consumers about Ritter Sport’s sustainability credentials”.

Don Choco would have a “strong appeal for shoppers wanting to try darker and higher cocoa content chocolate”, said the brand’s head of marketing Katy Clark. 

The launch was “a really fun way to celebrate and educate people about our relentless sustainability journey, and the importance of looking after the planet, and the people, animals and nature who live on it”, she added.

The launch will be backed by a social campaign across Facebook and Instagram, as well as PR activity. 

The bars will roll into Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Booths, Ocado, BP and Spar, as well as cash & carries such as Dhamecha, Filshill and CJ Lang this week (rsp: £1/100g).

Ritter Sport isn’t the only confectioners jumping on the dark milk bandwagon over recent years.

Cadbury brought its Darkmilk brand to the UK in 2018. Galaxy and Lindt followed up with their own spins on the format in 2019, while Tony’s Chocolonely launched a dark milk SKU in 2020.