Sambazon Frozen Scoopable Acai

Source: Sambazon

Frozen Scoopable Açaí is made from 100% açaí

Sambazon has launched Frozen Scoopable Açaí in what the brand claims is a first for the UK’s frozen food category.

Made from 100% açaí berry purée, the organic product was different from sorbet, which was “diluted with water” Sambazon said. It would “allow authentic açai bowls and smoothies to be made instantly with no blender required”.

Frozen Scoopable Açaí (rsp: £4.60/500ml) was also “set to be a game-changer in the healthy frozen dessert category” the brand added. It provides 111kcals per 100ml – about 60% more than a typical reduced-calorie ice cream. However, being dairy-free, it was “a vegan alternative to ice cream”, as well as being “packed full of powerful antioxidants”.

Available now from Ocado, Whole Foods Market and independent grocers, the NPD was “furthering our mission of making açaí mainstream and more accessible to UK shoppers” said Sambazon founder Ryan Black. It would allow the brand to “tap the growing market of shoppers who want health benefits and more from their purchases, including sustainability and ethical sourcing”.

Frozen Scoopable Açaí joins a portfolio of Sambazon açaí products across the US and UK that includes energy drinks, fresh juices and frozen fruit mixes.