Sarah Jessica Parker x Invivo

Parker first partnered with Invivo in 2019 on the launch of Invivo X SJP Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand winemaker Invivo and actor, entrepreneur and businesswoman Sarah Jessica Parker are to launch a new range of lower-alcohol wines in the UK.

The Sevenly range of lower-alcohol (7%) and lower-calorie (54 calories per 125ml glass) wines will be available nationally in Sainsbury’s stores from this October (rsp: £8/750ml).

It comprises Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé variants.

The wines debuted in Australia – where they are made at a partner winery – last year.

Parker told The Grocer lower-alcohol products were “a growing part of the spirits and the wine industry”.

Despite admitting she “wouldn’t have more than two glasses of wine ever”, the Sex and the City star acknowledged there was a consumer base to which the new range would appeal.

“There is a consumer who wants this and so I’m happy we could get ours right and offer that as an option for people,” she added.

Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne said the decision to launch the wines in the UK came after growing demand from retailers for lower-alcohol wines.

“Sainsbury’s, for example, flew down to Australia, New Zealand, specifically looking for mid-strength and 0% wine,” he said.

Parker, who first partnered with Invivo in 2019 on the launch of Invivo X SJP Sauvignon Blanc, did not rule out launching a zero-alcohol wine under the label in the future.

“Exploring this first step is going to be very informative,” Parker said. “We’ll know more after it’s had time in Sainsbury’s.”

She added, however, that the focus of the next six months would be on the Sevenly range and the launch of another, unspecified wine.

“We’re a growing company and the smartest thing to do when you’re growing is taking care of what exists,” she said.

Parker insisted she saw her partnership with Invivo, in which she is a shareholder, differently to other celebrity-backed drinks brands on the market.

“This is a serious exercise,” she said. “It is a serious endeavour. We are not looking to just blow it up and walk away.

“I recognise it may be called a celebrity brand but we don’t treat it like that. We treat it like a business and the product stands alone with or without me.

“I’m well known for caring too much about everything I do, whether it’s a fragrance that I started over 15-20 years ago or the work that I do in television and the movies I produce. I care a huge amount. It matters to me.”