Source: Trip CBD

The drinks are billed as having a higher CBD content than many competitors

Start-up brand Trip has launched a range of CBD-infused drinks it claims will be “one of the highest CBD content beverages available in the UK market”.

It has rolled out three flavours – Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Cold Brew Coffee – in 250ml cans (rsp: £2.99).

Elderflower Mint and Peach Ginger are sparkling, while Cold Brew Coffee is dairy-free and contains 0 calories per 100ml. The two sparkling drinks contain 7.5 calories per 100ml. 

They all contain 15mg of CBD per can, and are billed as being “powered by adaptogens” – meaning they contain natural substances claimed to reduce stress, such as mint, rooibos, chamomile and turmeric.  

The brand said by calling the range Trip it wanted to reclaim “the negative connotations of ‘getting high’” and instead emphasise “the positive ‘trips’ people can embrace in their every day”. 

“Despite the impressive growth of CBD interest and awareness amongst consumers, there is some confusion around effects, dosing and benefits,” it said. “Trip aims to provide transparent and accessible information on CBD.”

The drinks have launched via its website, and the brand was “exploring retail distribution” across “premium outlets in grocery, wellness and lifestyle”, said co-founder Olivia Ferdi.

It’s the latest in a series of CBD drink launches to roll out over past months. Craft rum brand Dead Man’s Fingers, for instance, has added a CBD-infused hemp variant, while new posh spirits brand Top made its debut with a duo of CBD-infused rum and gin priced at a whopping £30 per 100ml.