sunmagic cold pressed juice

Multiple Marketing is extending its Sunmagic brand with two new ranges - its first not-from-concentrate juices and two cold-pressed juices.

The launch of the Cold Pressed Freshly Squeezed Orange and Cold Pressed Cloudy Apple Juice follow the business earlier this year becoming a major shareholder in the Fruitapeel group of factories, which includes a high-pressure processing (HPP) plant in South Wales.

Unlike traditional pasteurisation, the HPP process does not use heat, but applies pressure of up to 87,000 psi (greater than that of the lowest part of the world’s deepest ocean) for up to five minutes to the pre-bottled product to deactivate harmful bacteria and extend the shelf life to up to 45 days.

The cold-pressed juices have secured a listing in a 750ml format (rsp: £2.69) in Iceland, while JJ Food Service is carrying a 250ml bottle (rsp: £1.09).

In addition to the cold-pressed range, Sunmagic - which claims retail sales of about £24m - has launched three not-from-concentrate juices: Seriously Smooth Orange, Orange Juice with Juicy Bits and Cloudy Pressed Apple Juice, all in one-litre Elopak Curve cartons.

“We are very excited to be launching our two new juice ranges, both of which respond to trade and consumer demand for high-quality healthy juice ranges that provide exceptional quality and taste, as well as value for money,” said Sunmagic brand manager Razin Ali.

Multiple Marketing is part of a group of companies that includes snack bar brand Eat Natural, nut and dried fruit importer and packer RM Curtis, and juice packer Fielding Dairies.