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Source: Bakkavor

Naughty But Nice yum yums roll into Tesco tomorrow (25 October)

The Delicious Dessert Company is to launch two new SKUs into Tesco this week.

They are: blonde chocolate eclairs and Naughty But Nice yum yums (rsps: £2.25 & £2.50). Both come in packs of two.

The former are a trend-led take on the traditional choux pastry treats, filled with caramel sauce and cream, and topped with blonde chocolate fondant.

They rolled into 446 Tesco stores yesterday (23 October).

Naughty But Nice yum yums, meanwhile, offer a festive twist on the classic, featuring strawberry fondant, green lacing, and a sprinkling of white chocolate stars.

They will roll into 415 stores tomorrow (25 October).

Christmas is often associated with treating ourselves to something special,” said Claire Smith, head of insight at The Delicious Dessert Company.

“It has been a challenging year for most people, and it is nice to sometimes indulge in something that makes us happy,” she added.

The Delicious Dessert Company debuted with a trio of “loaded” eclairs – with double-injected centres – in 2021, in a bid “to capitalise on the rise in demand for treats and cakes during lockdown”, according to owner Bakkavor.

It launched what it dubbed ‘the King of Eclairs’ – filled with chocolate mousse and caramel sauce – in April this year, to mark King Charles’ coronation.