From a collaborative Scottish beer to a vinegar-flavoured mochi, these are the latest limited edition launches aiming to shake up the status quo in food and drink

Fish & Chip Mochi

Little Moons Fish and Chips mochi

Britain’s unofficial national dish was paired with the quintessential Japanese dessert of mochi in this eyebrow-raising limited edition by Little Moons, launched in Summer 2021 to celebrate the rise in staycation holidays. Claiming to offer “a taste of the seaside” with “a hint of tangy vinegar and mini chocolate chips”, the SKU was a tad outré for mainstream retail, launching instead through the brand’s web store.


Neptunia Gin

Hendrick_s Neptunia Bottle

When it comes to limited editions, the gin category has form – bursting at the seams with everything from run-of-the-mill fruity flavours to celebratory Jubilee and seasonal launches. This sea-themed launch by Hendrick’s is notable for being the highest-volume limited edition production run in the brand’s history – which suggests shoppers’ ravenous appetite for ‘new news’ in the already swollen gin fixture isn’t going to disappear any time soon.


Laphroaig x Innis & Gunn

Innis Gunn Laphroaig

Innis & Gunn’s collaborative beer with esteemed scotch distillery Laphroaig is an example of the power of collaboration. Both are upmarket Scottish brands with regional heritage, but play in different categories with no risk of cannibalisation. The brew “proved incredibly popular in both online and offline sales channels and allowed us to speak to one another’s consumer base, bringing in new consumers for both brands”, says I&G marketing director Neil Sharp.


White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes


Much more of a publicity stunt than a bona fide launch, McVitie’s only manufactured 40 packs of white Jaffa Cakes, offering them to shoppers via a competition on the brand’s Instagram. If it wanted attention, then mission accomplished: the move created a firestorm of publicity with headlines across the national press. At the time of writing, the Instagram post had 306,444 views. Impressive, considering most of its prior posts come in at under 10,000.


Strawberry & White Chocolate Coco Pops

Strawberry coco pops

Ask any Coco Pops fan what they like about the brand, and they’ll likely talk about how the cereal turns the milk chocolatey. This limited edition flavour claims to turn it pink. Like Cadbury’s recent push into new Twirl flavours, this launch was inspired by the previous success of White Coco Pops, which Kellogg’s says sold more than three million boxes in its first six months on sale. Kellogg’s has given this limited-edition a specific timeframe of 12 months on the shelves.

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