Trash & Treasure

The spirits are made using unwanted foods, fruits and peels that would have otherwise gone to landfill

British spirits maker Warner’s Distillery has unveiled Trash & Treasure Spirits, a new brand dedicated to reducing food waste.

Trash & Treasure Spirits, which has rolled exclusively into Tesco, was “born out of a thirst to create spirits with great taste, and see a world with less waste”, Warner’s said.

The initial lineup comprises Trash & Treasure Tropical Rum, and Trash & Treasure Citrus Vodka (both rsps: £26/70cl).

Both spirits were made using unwanted foods, fruits and peels that would have otherwise gone to landfill, according to Warner’s.

Tropical Rum is distilled with pineapple and mango peels from a fruit processor local to the distillery, before being blended with extracts from waste passionfruit and coconut husks.

The result was a “tasty tropical Caribbean rum” offering aromas of “fresh passionfruit and a finish that was “sweet with caramelised pineapple and toasted coconut”, Warner’s said.

Citrus Vodka, meanwhile, is made with rescued lemon peel and enhanced with “rescued malt dust” from Everards Brewery. This addition, Warner’s said, gave the tipple “an extra smooth and creamy finish”.

Both expressions are bottled at 37.5% abv.

“As a certified B Corp company with the planet at its heart, we wanted to raise awareness of how much unnecessary waste is produced by the industries we love,” said Warner’s CEO Tom Warner. “Knowing that the most thrown away food group in the UK is fresh fruit & vegetables – a subject close to my heart after a decade in the produce industry – we began to think of ways to put this waste to better taste and challenge consumers’ perceptions”

He added: “Trash & Treasure has certainly inspired us, and we want it to inspire people all over the world, as well as other industries. We can all play our part in reversing needless waste and finding creative ways to upcycle it into new products.”