Skinny Brands lager

Startup Skinny Brands has launched its first piece of NPD - a low-calorie ‘full-flavoured’ lager.

Skinny Lager is a 4% abv brew that contains 89 calories per 330ml bottle - more than 30% less than a standard lager. It is available from Bargain Booze now (rsp: £1.49/330ml bottle) and will be rolled into Morrisons at the beginning of January on an initial £9 for 10 promotional offer.

The brew is vegan registered and has been endorsed by WeightWatchers, with each bottle containing three SmartPoints.

The privately financed venture is co-owned by Tom Bell - founder of online retail platform Skinny Booze, which specialises in selling third party low-calorie alcohol. It had been set up with the aim of developing a portfolio of ‘skinny’ drinks that have at least 30% less calories than their standard equivalents, but with the same strength and flavour, he said.

“Our ambition is to introduce to global consumers a range of new and innovative better-for-you alcoholic brands in markets where customers are wanting a perfect healthier alternative.”