Yeo Valley Baobab

Yeo Valley and exotic fruit supplier Organic Herb Trading Co have teamed up to bring an African ’superfruit’ yoghurt to British consumers.

The organic dairy supplier’s Artist’s Edition Baobab and Vanilla flavour big pots (rsp: £1.60/450g) began rolling out today (3 January) in c-stores and most of the major supermarkets for a 12-week limited run.

The pot was designed by artist Natasha Clutterbuck using baobab powder and soil as paints, with a message inviting consumers to ‘discover the baobab inside’. A tear strip features information on how baobab trees can live up to 5,000 years and are pollinated by bats, with baobab recipes from its native Zimbabwe.

A digital campaign will accompany the launch, targeting Yeo Valley fans on social media and promoting the citrussy baobab and Madagascan vanilla combination with British Omsco-sourced milk for a “Great British yoghurt with a twist of African sunshine”, said a Yeo Valley spokeswoman.

The Organic Herb Trading Co sources baobab from Zimbabwe-based B’Ayoba, which prides itself on ethical and equitable relationships with the communities that form its workforce.

“Working with Organic Herb Trading allows Yeo Valley to source baobab through their relationship with B’Ayoba. It’s a special partnership which makes sure the rural communities which collect the fruit really benefit,” said Yeo Valley CEO Tim Mead.

The venture has also gained the support of health and nutrition professor Shelly Coe of Oxford Brookes University, who cited health benefits associated with baobab.

“Research has shown that baobab could potentially reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes. It is also a wonderful source of vitamin C, which helps keep immune systems strong for fighting illness and disease.”