Source: Nisa

Nisa said it would continue to track the cost of fuel on a quarterly basis 

Nisa has cut its fuel levy by almost 30% to £6.10.

In a letter sent to retailers, seen by The Grocer, Nisa said: “The price of fuel over the last quarter has continued to fall and has remained consistent for the last three weeks, which means from Monday 17 April the fuel levy charges will reduce to £6.10 per delivery, a reduction from £8.55.”

The symbol group added it would continue to track the cost of fuel on a quarterly basis and make any necessary changes, with the fuel price per litre expected to drop to £1.21 over the next four weeks, according to Nisa.

It first introduced the levy in February last year at £4.88, citing the “combined impact of Brexit, Covid-19, driver and raw material shortages, and in particular fuel and shipping cost increases” which had “resulted in a significant rise in operating costs for all UK businesses”.

Due to Costcutter being supplied by the Co-op via Nisa until 2026, these retailers are also subject to Nisa’s delivery charges. Their charge has also been brought down to £6.10 per delivery as of this week.

A Costcutter spokeswoman said: “We have seen fuel prices fall over the last quarter and remain consistent and therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will be reducing the fuel levy charges accordingly to £6.10 + VAT per delivery.”

Costcutter has been refunding the levy for retailers who spend £7,500 a week with Bestway, in a move intended to help them manage rising operating costs.

The fuel levy credits are refunded in six-week intervals aligned with the rebate calendar. Payments are calculated based on the number of deliveries undertaken within the rebate period.

Recently, however, the refund criteria increased to Costcutter retailers spending £10,000 a week.