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Over Nisa 300 stores have signed up to the surplus food app since 2019

Nisa retailers have saved 175,000 meals from being thrown away thanks to their tie-ups with Too Good To Go.

The 300-plus stores that had signed up to the surplus food app since 2019 had prevented 477,187 kilograms of CO2 being emitted, Nisa said.

That was equivalent to 83 flight tickets around the world, or 1,637 flight tickets from London to Berlin, the symbol group added.

Nisa said the app was presenting retailers with a useful tool to drastically reduce waste, while also offering shoppers a cheaper source of food during the cost of living crisis.

It works by retailers selling off surplus stock at a discount price, which is then bundled up into ‘magic bags’. In return, they are flagged up on the Too Good To Go app, which directs consumers to their nearest store.

“Every Nisa store that has so far partnered with Too Good To Go has given positive feedback about how simple the app is to use and the impact on the local community,” said Nisa regional retail manager Ian Bacon.

“I know many of our retailers are really passionate about environmental issues and partnering with Too Good To Go is a fantastic way of preventing excessive waste of food products.”

Too Good To Go UK/IE country director Sophie Trueman added: “Since partnering with Nisa in 2019, their commitment and active involvement have made them a valuable partner in our mission to reduce food waste. The Nisa team has consistently demonstrated their dedication, enthusiasm, and provided invaluable support.

“Together, we have successfully saved 175,000 meals to date, a significant achievement in our efforts to reduce food waste. This milestone reflects our shared commitment to sustainability and the positive influence businesses can have when working together. With Nisa’s continued support, we look forward to reaching new milestones and making an even greater impact.”