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Source: Nisa

The rollout of the electronic proof of delivery system will start from the end of the month

Nisa is ending the use of paper delivery notes with the launch of a new digital system.

The change means retailers will now receive their proof of delivery by email after signing it off on a handheld mobile device. A signature from the retailer or store colleague is required.

Prior to this, retailers will also receive another email directly from the depot with their confirmed order items before the driver arrives.

This list is also uploaded to a system that means the driver can review and scan the items as they unload them off the vehicle and thereby confirm the safe receipt of goods to retailers.

The rollout of the electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) system will start from the end of the month, with all depot deliveries moving to the paperless system by early April.

“This is a huge step forward for our delivery operation which will simplify and streamline the system, making things easier for Nisa partners,” said Jess Graves from Nisa’s logistics team.

“The new system completely removes the need for all the paperwork involved in the delivery process and will improve record-keeping and efficiency.

“This represents an important technological development for Nisa and our logistics partners DHL and we’re really excited to be rolling it out.”

DHL head of development Scott Swindin said: “As a partnership DHL and Nisa are always striving to enhance the partner’s delivery experience, and the introduction of a digitalised solution such as EPOD will help us all with improved on-time delivery information, reduced waiting time, support of media tracking as well as fostering the green agenda with reduced paperwork.”