Leading US e-cigarette maker Njoy has secured a raft of new listings as it looks to grab a greater share of the growing UK market.

The new listings for its Njoy King include Tesco Express and petrol forecourt stores, McColl’s, Budgens, Londis, Esso and Premier stores. It will also be available to independent retailers though wholesalers Booker and Bestway as well as upmarket stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

These will be in addition to its existing nationwide distribution deal with Sainsbury ’s, taking the total number of outlets stocking Njoy to around 15,000.

The news follows the launch of a new anti-smoking television ad for the brand that hit TV screens on Boxing Day.

The campaign, the company’s first in Europe, targets existing smokers looking to quit as part of a New Year’s resolution as well as pushing the friends and family of smokers to encourage them to quit.

“Our goal at Njoy is simple, we want to make cigarettes entirely obsolete,” said Njoy global chief marketing officer Geoff Vuleta. “While other e-cigarette brands have focussed their advertising on salacious or shocking content, or have promoted continued dual use of electronic cigarettes with combustion cigarettes, we think it’s important for the product category to demonstrate the value of e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco for existing adult smokers.”

The advert will be aired throughout January and is also being run simultaneously in the US and Spain.

Meanwhile rival e-cig maker Nicolites has launched a new energy-style e-cigarette. Rush is a taurine enriched e-cigarette designed to give users a stimulating rush when inhaled.