Jakks Pacific has unveiled plans to mark the 30th anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kids brand it re-introduced to the UK toy market last year.

The company is looking to play up the nostalgia value and will target mums and their daughters with a marketing and PR campaign themed around ‘Memory Lane’.

Activity will include an event linking the original Cabbage Patch Kids with today’s range, store visits by people dressed up as the dolls, and experiential marketing designed to explore the ‘then and now’ elements of the brand.

The brand was resurrected last summer with a series of dolls that looked similar to the originals, but featured clothes and styles updated for the 21st century.

The range has been expanded this month with a second series of Kids - along with smaller Cuties dolls - while a collection of 30th Anniversary Celebration Kids and Babies will be rolling out to retailers in July.

Cabbage Patch Kids were created in 1983 by American Xavier Roberts, and it is estimated that 123 million dolls have been “born” in the past 30 years - an average of eight a minute.