Lego is predicting its new toy theme for 2013 - Legends of Chima - will top sales of Ninjago by as much as 30%.

With a larger range of products than many of Lego’s previous themes, Legends of Chima will include construction sets and racing vehicles, which are rolling out from 1 January, with buildable figures and a board game arriving later in 2013. Prices will range from £5 to £70.

The theme behind the new toys is a world where six tribes of animal warriors battle for mystical energy source Chi. The two main animal tribe characters are former childhood friends, Laval from the lion tribe and Cragger from the crocodile tribe, who became enemies.

Building on the gameplay offered by previous Lego theme Ninjago - which featured mini figures that could battle by being spun on round bases - the Legends of Chima range includes a Speedorz toy. These wheeled vehicles - made from Lego pieces and powered by a ripcord - can be used to play a series of “fast and furious speed challenges”. Lego plans to extend the Speedorz range throughout the year.

In August, Chima will be expanded with six large characters similar to the Hero Factory range currently sold by Lego, and a Legends of Chima board game.

“Continuing to develop our own intellectual properties is a key part of our evolution,” said a Lego spokesman.

“Each year, Lego boys want something new and fresh and each year, the big bang drives a lot of growth in the portfolio. Chima is no exception and the forecast for growth is 30% versus Ninjago this year.”

In February, Lego will be rolling out a new range of toys based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.