Swedish business Nicoccino has revealed plans to bring its ‘revolutionary’ nicotine product to UK stores.

Nicoccino is sold as packs of small pieces of film that are placed underneath the upper lip and on to the gum to enable “immediate transfer of nicotine from the film into the bloodstream.” The patented film contains 1mg of pure nicotine, equivalent to one regular-strength cigarette, and is made using only natural ingredients, according to Nicoccino. It is priced from £4.99 for a pack of 10 films up to £39.99 for a pack of 90.

By offering nicotine without tobacco, tar and the smell of smoke, it is pitched as a discreet way of having nicotine when smoking isn’t permitted or convenient.

The product is currently available only on the brand’s website but Nicoccino - which spent 10 years developing the film - is launching a sales campaign from the end of this month. It has a UK office in Farringdon.

Field sales agents will contact independent retailers and foodservice outlets including hotels and in-flight retail. Nicoccino is looking to initially target up to 600 stores and hopes to successfully sell into at least 160. The company will also target forecourts and service stations, and said it believed there was a role for the product in the supermarkets.

“We are certain Nicoccino will create a real impact in the UK as it’s the first time a pure nicotine-containing product has been created for smokers that delivers an instant effect and can be used whenever, wherever,” said Nicoccino CEO Michel Bracke.