InBev is withdrawing its Artois Bock brand and replacing it with an oak-aged lager.

The new beer, called Eiken Artois, will join Stella and Peeterman Artois in the La Famille Artois range in the off-trade in March, following an on-trade launch this month.

InBev said the replacement of Artois Bock was part of its commitment to increasing consumer choice.

It hopes the addition will boost the brand and the category by encouraging consumers from other categories to try lager.

"Eiken Artois will have a positive impact on perceptions of Stella Artois by reinforcing key messages," said Steve McAllister, managing director, take home retail InBev UK. "This includes perceptions of its continental brewing heritage and the craftsmanship involved in its production."

Eiken, which is Flemish for "from oak" will be available in 4x330ml bottle packs, priced in line with Stella Artois.