Gousto box

Gousto is offering a wider choice in its recipe boxes

Gousto has nearly doubled its number of weekly recipes from 12 to 22 in response to customer demand for more variety.

The recipe box site will offer additional vegetarian, ‘quick and easy’, family-friendly and low-calorie options under 500 kcals in a bid to broaden its user base.

There will also be an increased range of ‘discovery’ recipes, which aim to introduce customers to new cuisines and ingredients, as well as offering “interesting twists on classic recipes”.

Gousto hoped the wider choice would cement its position in the recipe box market, which is thought to account for under 1% of grocery spend in the UK.

The move will put it ahead of its closest rival Hello Fresh, which has five recipes to choose from each week in the classic, veggie and family box subscriptions. Gousto will have a minimum of six veggie options a week and its meals are also slightly cheaper, starting at £3.75 each compared with the Hello Fresh minimum price of £4 per meal.

Gousto does not reveal its financial figures, but says it delivers approximately 100,000 meals each week, with turnover having grown 238% per annum in the past three years.

“Informed and savvy consumers are demanding more from the food they eat. Whether it’s dishes that fit in with their dietary requirements, such as low-calorie and vegetarian, or recipes that uncover new flavour trends - at Gousto we know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to enjoying fresh, quality food,” said CEO and founder Timo Boldt.

Giving customers choice as well as “fresh, pre-measured ingredients and convenient delivery” would allow Gousto to fit into their lifestyles, Boldt added.

Last week, The Grocer reported that Gousto was eyeing a potential partnership with the Co-op in which customers could pick up their box at their local branch for a discounted price.