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Home-cooked meal marketplace Cook My Grub has changed its name to Flavers as part of a rebrand.

The marketplace – which launched in 2020 – connects consumers with hundreds of chefs cooking meals in their home kitchens, and has been described as ‘Etsy for food’.

“The main reason for the rebrand is that we want to establish ourselves as leader for world cuisines,” said the company’s CMO Sonia Weber. “We feel that the name, Flavers, as well as the vibrant brand colours, really help to convey the diversity of cuisines and dishes we offer, and help to represent the different culture and stories we share.”

The platform was founded during the pandemic by Shabbir Mookhtiar and Dinesh Patil, who built the app to deliver authentic home-cooked food to Maidenhead’s local community.

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Source: Flavers

Since then, the platform has established links with more than 100 home-based chefs offering a choice of 15 world cuisines and more than 500 dishes. Food is delivered chilled, packed in Flavers packaging and ready to be heated.

The rebrand features a pink lettered logo and a bright colour palette. It will be supported by an online marketing campaign.

“The other important reason is that in the past two years, the brand has grown tremendously,” added Weber. “We are well on our way to establishing ourselves as leader of world cuisines. We now cater nationwide as well. So we wanted to give the brand a big refresh to appeal to a larger group of audience across the UK.”