Moto Arch

  • Moto plans to roll out the operation to other food brands it works with

  • Customers can use the service to browse menus and pay for their food in advance


Motorway service operator Moto is set to launch a click & collect trial for Burger King branches at 48 of its sites in June.

The group plans to roll out the operation to its other food brands, including, Greggs and Costa, after the initial pilot scheme.

Customers would eventually be able to use a mobile phone to browse the menus of Moto’s food brands, select a site and pick-up time and pay for their order, Moto said. The food will be ready at the specified time at special collection point or it can be delivered to vehicles.

While lockdown restrictions remain in place, the QikServe Preoday ordering portal will help Moto protect colleagues and customers by minimising contact time. Customers can browse menus and pay in advance, removing the need to do so inside the station.

Moto added the service would also help customers avoid queues on site and speed up buying food and drink once lockdown rules were lifted. Orders can be placed with multiple outlets, allowing collection times to be synchronised.

“It’s our duty to provide customers with a safe place to stop, a chance to get refreshments and refuel,” said Moto IT director Guy Latchem. “But more than that that, it’s our goal to provide an exemplary service and go that extra mile, ensuring guests enjoy their experience with us.

“Our new click & collect service will help us achieve this, removing the least enjoyable part of any motorway service area – the queue – and providing guests with the smoothest of customer journeys.”

Daniel Rodgers, founder and president of QikServe, added: “The motorway service station is the perfect place to show the power of our digital ordering platform. It has the potential to transform the customer experience and make every rest stop a pleasurable one for guests.”