Tesco app

The Tesco app

Tesco has signed up digital knowledge management provider Yext to “future proof” its brand in the age of Siri and Alexa.

Yext will seek to ensure consistency in the Tesco brand across the leading maps, apps and search engines used by customers.

Using the ‘Yext Knowledge Engine’, the retailer will be able to update store information across the web in real time - including addresses, phone numbers, opening hours, and products sold. This will enable customers searching online to find the correct information.

The cloud-based platform manages the public facts that appear on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more than 100 other online sources.

Yext will support more than 4,000 Tesco locations, including supermarkets, pharmacies, opticians, phone shops and cafés across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

“We are proud to partner with Tesco to put stores on the map and to maintain their high-quality digital knowledge across the web,” said Brian Distelburger, Yext co-founder and president. “As search evolves, consumers are using increasingly advanced AI-based tools like Siri and Alexa alongside mapping and navigation apps to find businesses. This changing behaviour has vast implications for how businesses reach their customers. Tesco is future-proofing its business with Yext’s digital knowledge management technology, so customers will always find their stores, no matter how they search.”