Tesco delivery van

Tesco looks to have moved closer to its own one-hour delivery service after trademarking the name Tesco Now - on the same day as Amazon launched chilled food deliveries under a similar name.

As well as virtually its entire range of all its food and drink lines, the bid, lodged on 29 September also seeks to register the name for use in a wide range of non-food items, plus marketing, backroom and transport functions.

Although nothing has been confirmed, Tesco is known to have been exploring ways in which it can link non-food services to online food deliveries in one-hour slots.

Amazon Prime Now began delivering chilled and frozen food in Birmingham also on 29 September, with a range of about 50 food items and was last week rolled out to cover areas in London.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We trademark a range of names to protect potential projects involving the Tesco brand.”