Waitrose plastic bags rebranded

Source: Waitrose

Waitrose will also remove 10p bags for life from all of its core stores

Waitrose is set to save a further 40 million single-use plastic bags a year by going bagless for all online orders.

The move, which comes into effect on 27 September, will apply to grocery deliveries and click & collect orders.

The move will coincide with the reinstatement of into-home deliveries, with drivers able to assist customers with heavy lifting and unpacking. Alternatively, customers can bring their shopping into the home on the crates provided or request help from the driver to transfer it into their own bags at the doorstep.

The upmarket retailer is also removing its 10p bag for life from all stores. It said this was on the back of research that showed these bags had increasingly become single-use items.

It is introducing a new 50p bag for life, which it said was twice as durable, made from recycled materials and fully recyclable.

“We’ve long pledged to reduce single-use plastics, so we have a clear obligation to remove our bags for life because they are no longer being reused as originally intended,” said Waitrose executive director James Bailey.

“While our new bag is more durable and fully recyclable, it is available as a last resort only and for customers with no other option. We do not want anyone to buy our new bags and instead would urge all our customers to bring ones they already have stocked away in cupboards at home as this is the best thing for the environment.”