Sir; Voluntary action by supermarkets to tackle packaging is good for their image and may help towards reducing the environmental impact. Marks & Spencer is clearly trying, but is it trying hard enough? ('M&S packaging expert casts doubt over its Plan A targets', The Grocer, 15 March, p8). If M&S means business it needs to put its business weight and some of its profits behind tackling the obstacles that stand in its way to make fully recyclable packaging a reality. M&S should lobby government to ensure facilities are available and even fund some itself. Incineration is not a sustainable solution on any level. M&S clearly needs to provide better consumer information. Yet, as M&S notes, voluntary action will never be enough to tackle food-related waste. Government action is essential to take on the huge waste streams flowing from the supermarkets as a result of their practices, ranging from demanding perfect-looking produce to over-packaging processed food.